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kQOAuth now compatible with all Qt platforms

I had in my original release of kQOAuth some pieces of code in the HMAC-SHA1 implementation that used C char pointers as data arrays instead of QByteArrays (you can blame my laziness for this...). These caused issues on non-UNIX based Qt platforms like Symbian but also on Windows, of course. I have now replaced those parts with pure Qt implementations. So now kQOAuth should run on all Qt platforms without issues! I would love to hear how this works on Symbian, since I don't own a Symbian device and can't test this myself. I could imagine the library having some use on Symbian based devices. That said, I haven't included any Symbian specific installations or compilations options since I am not familiar with Symbian either. Contributions regarding this would be more than welcomed. For more information about kQOAuth, please visit

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  • Sam


  • Sam

    Does it compile for Symbian in Nokia Qt SDK?

    • Johan Paul

      I haven’t tested, but yes it should.

  • Cool!!! Please, add proxy settings for library!

    • I meant to reply to this earlier, sorry that this comes so late.

      I think I will add a method for you to give kQOAuth your own QNetworkAccessManager and then you can use the same network manager as you would for the rest of your app.