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Sneak peek: Integrate your application with the Nokia N9 events view.

I am working on a Qt C++ library that will integrate your application with the Nokia N9 MeeGo Harmattan event feed page. You can add and update items with your icon, text or even a list of images that will be shown on the event feed page. I still want to add some features and polish the code before publishing it, but the library will be open source. So here's a video demonstrating what the library already can do. Stay tuned! Update: The library has been published. More information here.

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  • Cool! I might use it when porting Oculo! 🙂

    • That would be nice 🙂 I hope I have soon something to put out.

  • The library is now available! See above.

  • Anonymous

    Can you add applications to that list, i want new email, new sms to be on that page

    • Well – this library only interacts with the Event view, not the applications. I think the issue is that the firmware version your developer device has is old and in a later upgrade these notifications will be there from various apps. But I don’t know more about that. Better ask someone from Nokia.