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Updates regarding Podcatcher for N9

Podcatcher for N9 has been submitted to Nokia Store for approval! QA process is still pending. Let's hope it's soon available for download on your MeeGo Harmattan device! In the meantime, enjoy the latest screenshots from Podcatcher for N9. Many thanks to Nikui for help with the layout and UX! 🙂   There's also a nice video preview of a beta version of Podcatcher on the MeeGo Experts site!
And if you have any feature requests regarding Podcatcher for N9, just add them here as comments or email (you'll find the address on the About page). I definitely have some improvements that I want to add to future versions of Podcatcher - the development will go on!

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  • Anonymous

    Couple of suggestions;

    OPML support. (import and export)
    Definable skip period ie 30secs back and forth.
    Restart from last played position.
    List of downloaded shows.


    • Thanks for the suggestions!

      OPML import and export should not be a problem, but I don’t know how file picking works in the N9. But solvable.

      Right now I use the N9 built-in audio player. It is admittedly not the best player for podcast listening (which is a bit sad from Nokia) so your two next suggestions would first imply a audio player in Podcatcher. This is something I have been thinking of when I solve the UI problem of where to put it 🙂

      The next, together with other filtered view, has also crossed my mind although I personally don’t need them based on how I listen to podcasts. If I come up with how to solve the UI design, again, this would be cool to have for sure. 

      • Anonymous

        I prefer to use the inbuilt player where possible as everything is in one place but i dont know if the default player has category for podcasts yet. The option to choose would the best solution i guess.

        • I will be also adding settings to the next version, which will give me the opportunity to add more stuff related to automation than I was able to do in this version. This could be one of the settings options, when the in-built player is there.

          But I agree, I too want to use the built-in player where possible. Unfortunately I don’t see Nokia adding features important for podcast listening into the N9. But I hope I am wrong.

        • Anonymous

          Guess we will have to wait to see what the release N9 firmware brings. 😉