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I passed the Nokia Certified Qt Specialist test

I just have to put it out here; I am now a Nokia Certified Qt Specialist which means I have the right to use the logo below. I have no idea where I would use it in the future, so let's have it at least here on my blog 🙂 It's nice to be able to join the club of Qt experts. Under NDA I cannot speak about the test itself, but I can tell you that it had some tricky questions as well 🙂 But please instead poke me about any Qt question!

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  • Congratz!

  • Raja Varma

    Congrats! Does passing this test needs any in-depth understanding of Qt code? Will I be able to contribute to Qt if I pass this test?

    • The test really tests more your C++ knowledge and how it’s used in Qt. No in-depth understanding of Qt internals are needed. I am sure you can contribute to Qt even without this test.