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Podcatcher for Nokia N9

Podcatcher for N9 is a new podcast management application for the Nokia N9 smartphone. It has been designed to be easy to use, have good performance and provide with the best usability what comes to podcast subscriptions - always have the feeds up to date and the latest episode at hands to listening. You can control per podcast subscription if you want to automatically download new episodes to the device or not. If you don't want to download episodes first, you can also just stream the immediately with the built-in media player! Podcatcher for N9's main features include
  • Native Nokia N9 look and feel
  • In-device download management.
  • Podcast streaming
  • integration for both podcast searching and importing your podcast subscriptions from your account.
  • Automatic download of new podcasts if you are connected to the WiFi
  • Settings for controlling auto-download and auto-clean of podcast episodes.
  • Per-channel setting for auto-download
  • Automatic refresh of feeds upon startup.
  • Good performance
Podcatcher is available from Nokia Store for your N9 and N950 smartphones!

Heard about Podcatcher for N9:

  • @joaoluisc : "Aaah cool - some new bites to listen too 🙂 - this app is well worth the 2 euros"
  • @SirajSoft: "The PodCatcher app is awesome 🙂 Finds podcast easily good work :)"
  • Rog007 on Nokia Store: "Of the few podcast apps I've found, this convinced me the most. With the best UI of them."
  • Matthew from Australia: "I just wanted to tell you that your podcatcher app is fantastic, does everything I expect from a podcast application and I was more than happy to pay for it."

Source code

Podcatcher for Nokia N9 is open source software. The source code is available at Have some questions? Please contact us me at