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Non-sterile Agile: Distributed teams

Posted by kypeli

I call this post non-sterile agile because I feel that once agile principles are let loose into the corporate world agile development changes its nature and face. In this (and hopefully upcoming posts) I will try to go through some of the ideas and experiences I have about agile development in the corporate world. Agile development embraces communication over written documents. This we learn already from the agile manifest. Good communication is best achieved by talking to each other. Then you can really describe the problem. You can ask direct questions or even draw something on a whiteboard to make things really clear. If all relevant people sit next to each other working on the same project, there is no need for design documents, architecture descriptions, UML diagrams and such when you can go and ask the person next to your seat if something is unclear. Likewise you wouldn't not need send emails and wait for replies which will only hold you back while you wait for the answer.

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