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Non-sterile Agile: Comments on “Handling Bugs in an Agile Context”

Posted by kypeli

In my earlier post I already wrote about experiences with agile development. I call these posts "non-sterile agile" because I feel that once agile principles are let loose into the corporate world, agile development changes its nature. I stumbled upon an interesting article by Elisabeth Hendrickson about bugs in agile development. In her article, Hendrickson talks about bug triaging in agile context. It's an interesting read and I agree with her - but only from an agile theoretical point of view. In agile context, it all makes sense that we don't have bugs (or we don't call the issues we observe as bugs at least). Normally we call software defects bugs, but in agile development we don't have bugs because we only create done backlog items. If an item has a bug in it, it will not be called done. Simple - in theory.

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