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Nokia UI Extensions for Mobile compiled in Ubuntu and Maemo 5 SDK

Posted by kypeli

Nokia has released a technical preview of their second Qt and C++ based UI Framework (the first being Maemo 6 UI Framework) called Orbit or DirectUI, this time with the name UI Extension for Mobile. Source code is publicly available under the LGPL license at Gitorious: I need take a closer look at the source code, but my initial impression is that the APIs are clean and very Qt-like. Nice job! The nice thing is also that the source code compiled without problems in my Ubuntu 9.10 and in Maemo5 SDK with the latest Qt 4.6 packages. Unfortunately there are only two binaries (that I could find) included called hbthemeserver and themechanger. I have a screenshot of themechanger below. This is the only actual application and glimpse of the UI framework in action (please let me know if  you find anything else!).

Yes, it runs in Maemo5 too 🙂

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