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How to set up MeeGo Harmattan development environment in Linux

Posted by kypeli

Nokia N9 and MeeGo Harmattan are here. These are good times to be a Qt developer. And if you are like me, you downloaded the Qt SDK 1.1.2 from Nokia that contains the experimental Harmattan target for Qt Creator. However, not sure about you, but I never got the QEMU to work which I though would be a part of the Qt SDK 1.1.2. Whenever I launch a Qt application with the Harmattan as the selected target, I get an error saying that QEMU was not running, so I assume it's not included or Qt Creator cannot find it. Or then I just don't understand how to set it up in Qt Creator... There's even a page at that explains how to use and install the QEMU on a Linux Debian based machine, but the download link to QEMU is broken (25.6.2011). Also it seems that it's a bit open what the deal with QEMU on Windows or OS X based machine are... I haven't seen similar pages for downloading QEMU for other than Linux. So at this point I am not sure if and how the QEMU should work together with Qt Creator. I forgot about the QEMU option then. Update: Ok, I got QEMU running in Linux. It seems there is one step missing in the default Qt SDK 1.1.2 installation. What you need to do is manually select "MeeGo 1.2 Harmattan API" as the Qt version to build with, even if you selected the Harmattan target (there is also a "Harmattan Platform API" Qt version available to use - not sure what that is...). To use QEMU with Qt SDK 1.1.2, go to “Projects > Harmattan > Build > Edit build configuration” and click “Add”. Select “Using Qt Version MeeGo 1.2 Harmattan API (Qt SDK)”. This was in the comments of Qt Labs blog post - I hope Nokia can address this issue soon. I only tested this in Linux. But QEMU is SLOOOOOOW. If you are using Linux, I think you are better off sticking with Scratchbox.

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