My freshwater aquarium

Hello, and welcome!

Let me introduce myself. I am 31 years old, I live in the city of Turku, in the Nordic land of Finland, earn my living from writing software but find aquariums as a great hobby in contrast to sitting in front of the computer. I’ve had my freshwater aquarium for six years already and never really thought that this would be a serious hobby of mine. Until last month, August 2010, my wife and I bought the Juwel RIO 180 tank instead of our previous 100 liters aquarium. After that I realized that this hobby went to a next level. This is our aquarium as of today.

This web site is dedicated to my wife’s and mine hobby around the the freshwater aquarium. I don’t consider myself as pro in any way with aquariums, but I have had one for such a long time that I like to share my experience and hopefully also get some answers through this web site to questions I have. What I’ve found during my years playing with the aquarium and reading instructions¬† about this hobby from around the Internet, I’ve discovered that for some things there are only one or a few right answers, but for others questions the answer might be as different as the person giving the answer. I am sure we can find some interesting topics to discuss here (taking just as an example; “How often should I change the water in my aquarium?”).

I will also post here any new interesting events happening around our aquarium and hopefully some pictures too. What could be more exiting than returning from the local aquarium store with a few new fish and see how they get along.

If you have any ideas for tropics that you want to have covered, please feel free to post a comment.

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